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Who We Are

Arnold Transportation Services: The Original Regional Carrier is a full service truckload carrier headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas. Arnold’s heritage dates back to 1932. Arnold’s strong foundation in Regional Service includes Irregular Route Truckload, Dedicated Solutions and Logistics Support. Through these features, Arnold provides a wide range of services to assure customer products are delivered on time. Because its operations are mainly located in the South Central and Midwest states the company consistently re-creates capacity for its customers in, between and around major markets. Arnold’s aim is to operate in regional markets for customers who are in need of a flexible, performance-driven carrier.

The unique potential of this company starts with great people. Thank you for making a commitment to excellence!

Arnold Transportation Services : The Original Regional Carrier

How We Do It

Safety! Service! People! are foundational to Arnold’s success.
Safe Operations prevent damages, prevent supply chain disruptions and keep costs down. Safe Operations is hard work that requires everyone’s commitment from pre-acceptance of a load to closing the doors after final delivery. From pre-trip to post-trip! “Safety Begins With Me!”

Making the customer’s day by providing Reliable, Predictable, Dependable transportation solutions is why Arnold is in business. It is why customers call again. Through a time-tested regional network, Arnold re-creates available capacity for meeting both level-volume and surge conditions. Regional is a tough space! Whether the shipment is five miles, fifteen hundred miles or last-mile, Arnold provides the solution. When Reliable, Predictable Dependable capacity is required for an on-time solution, call Arnold!


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